The Joy of being ‘DEBUNKED’

“There could be no fairer destiny for any…theory than that it should point the way to a more comprehensive theory in which it lives on, as a limiting case”

– Albert Einstein

Shri Manish Pandit has kindly taken up the challenge to debunk my theory (and proposal).  Of course, he uses a cautious language, a language much desired in researching ‘History’ or ‘Science’.

He asserted, “I will almost certainly debunk your theory”.

His assertion has two elements that binds the list of ‘daivi’ qualities mentioned in Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 16:1-3, Humbleness (A-manita) and fearlessness (A-Bhayam).

His assertion thus can be re-read as “I will almost (humbleness) certainly (fearlessness) debunk your theory.”

I have tried to debunk it myself (my theory and proposal for the timing of Mahabharata war – 5561 BCE) since I proposed it in 2009 CE.  The book was published in 2011 CE.

My theory is rather trivial : ‘All the astronomy observations of Mahabharata text are visual observations of the sky.’

This would sound like a trivial truism and it is…only until one starts reading wild speculations (that are NOT backed by any evidence whatsoever) and theories of Mahabharata researchers who have proposed:

(1) ‘Astrology Drishti’ – (Vartak, Raghavan, Vaidya, Lele, Modak and many others)

(2) ‘Comets instead of planets’ – (Achar, Gupta)

(3) ‘Stopping of War for 12 days after fall of Bhishma in the battlefield’ – (Holay)

(4) ‘War taking place on alternate days’ – (Kavishwar)

There are more than 130 other Mahabharata researchers with many such theories.

While their theories vary, the characteristic commonality among them (with few admirable exceptions – Vartak, Dixit, Holay, Kane, Iyengar) is characteristic lack of evidence for their theories.  Add to this, characteristic lack of  awareness for the fact that any (and all) astronomy observations, from the Mahabharata text, not considered by them, instantly falsify their proposal (s) for the year of Mahabharata War.

But I digressed.

After I failed to debunk my theory and proposal via astronomy observations of the Mahabharata text, I began exploring other disciplines of science, viz. archeology, paleo-hydrology, paleo-zoology, anthropology, genetics, geology and more.  To my pleasant surprise, I landed on evidence in many of these disciplines that also corroborates 5561 BCE as the timing of Mahabharata War.

I plan on publishing all of this exciting stuff in the near future.  In the mean time I wish Shri Manish Pandit much success in debunking my theory.

And before someone senses (unjustifiably) a sarcasm (after all inductive world of research is not used to the beauty of falsification of a theory), I want readers to understand that all progress of science has come from falsification of previously successful theories.  My theory and  proposal is the best out there today on the timing of Mahabharata War, and successful debunking of it will lead to tremendous growth in our knowledge of Mahabharata.

I sincerely thank Shri Manish Pandit for proclaiming  such a wish and proactively taking up on such a challenge.  My best wishes to him.  Godspeed.

6 thoughts on “The Joy of being ‘DEBUNKED’

  1. I think the accuracy of this debate is not so important, we know that the battle of Kurukshetra had to occur after the constitution of the Vedas and before the Sarasvati river was dried. That is, between 3000 and 2000 BC probably. It’s enough for me until to appear new and better evidences.

  2. I talk always under the data extracted from mainstreams, I can not read the real Mahabharata, in verse, I could only read summaries, so I can not contrast your theory, but the fact of the disappearance of the river, is convincing, at least for me. Good luck with your book.

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