Heavy Bakwas & Bogus Astronomy

“Heavy Bakwas & Bogus Astronomy”

No, These are not my words to describe majority of astronomy works on timing of Mahabharata; although these are indeed  apt words to describe most of the astronomy works (with few rare exceptions) on the timing of Mahabharata.

These words were stated by Shri Manish Pandit (a medical doctor in UK) in describing work of Dr. P V Vartak.

Of course, work of Dr. P V Vartak, with all its glory and limitations, is available in public domain and there is no need for me or anyone else to defend his work, unless of course, criticism is specific.  Readers may also read chapter 10 of my book ‘When did the Mahabahrata War Happen?:The Mystery of Arundhati’ for my specific and to the point criticism of work of Dr. P V Vartak.

Shri Manish Pandit does make a humorous claim that “If you look at his (P V Vartak) material, it contains almost no astronomy”. This is indeed humorous, because it will tell anyone who has read Vartak’s ‘Swayambhu’ that either Shri Manish Pandit has not read Vartak’s ‘Swayambhu’ or, if he has read it, has no clue what constitutes astronomy observations.

This is indeed puzzling since Shri Manish Pandit appears to be conversant with not only astronomy but also with astronomy software (he referred to ‘RedShift’ software in his online conversations with me). Our online conversations related to timing of Mahabharata War were short lived. I may mention that he is proponent of Prof. Raghavan’s proposal of 3067 BCE (later on claimed to have tested by Prof. Achar) for the year of Mahabharata War.

Those readers who may not have read my 10 part series on criticism of work of Prof. Achar, I have added the links below.

In brief, I have shown that methodology employed by Prof. Achar is indeed ‘Heavy Bakwas’ (to borrow words of Shri Manish Pandit).   Prof. Achar has deliberately ignored numerous astronomy observations of Mahabharata text that instantly falsify claim for 3067 BCE. But to make it worse, the so called 12 astronomy observations of Mahabharata text that Prof. Achar claims to have employed in validating 3067 BCE, not only  NOT allow one to reach destination 3067 BCE, but also, without hesitation,  allow one to show how each of these 12 references can FALSIFY claim for 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War.

Bogus Astronomy” indeed, to borrow second set of words of Shri Manish Pandit.

Links to 10 parts series is below…












3 thoughts on “Heavy Bakwas & Bogus Astronomy

  1. First of all Dr P.V.Vartak has done immense research and proved several theories which were treated as myths .His both books “Swayambhu” and “Vastav Ramayan” are awesome containing references of astronomy and philosophy.

  2. Kedar, And beyond proving (or coming out right) Dr. Vartak is been original and innovative in his work. He has worked in areas where very few (if any) have dared to go! The beauty of his imagination is there for readers to experience, even when he is outright wrong.

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