8 x 72 = 576! Feedback and comments

Someone wrote…

I don’t understand what point he (referring to Prof. Hock) is trying to make. Even if one concedes what he is saying is correct, it amounts to an error of 576 years, according to his calculations. When we are dealing with history and periods of thousands of years, the error of 576 years is insignificant.

My Response..

Indologists are busy for last 2-3 centuries creating chaos – always intentional, in a Marxist fashion…sometime through deception and other times through ignorance. You are right that error of 576 does not amount to anything, and so did ‘salt tax’ (Gandhi’s Dandi Satyagraha). I selected this illustration.. precisely for the reason you mention and also for the fact that dogmatic research establishment is employing this nonsense as some sacred wisdom for long. In fact, if they had some decent comprehension abilities, they could have, legitimately, claimed an uncertainly of a much longer time interval! I will talk of it in due time….


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