In search of my able Editor

A seeker wrote…

Hello Nileshji
I read both of your earlier books (MBH and Rama).

As you are getting ready to publish the next book and there is still time, I would like you to get some good editing support. The final effect should be more polished.

It was an eye-opener for me to read these two books and I would like more success stories from your side. There is potential of these being near academic level manuscripts if some extra attention is paid. Else, some serious people start rejecting the core with silly excuses. I remember Taleghari’s book getting trashed by some professor just on its style and not discussing the core. It just diverts attention and brings no gain.

Just a humble suggestion.


My Response…

As far as editing of my two existing books are concerned, I am 100% guilty as charged. I will not go into the details of what led me to publish them as is.  What I can say is that I was aware of the obvious editing issues (including lack or overdose of articles and such).

I wanted to get these works in front of a broad audience as fast as I can, and I chose the sub-optimum path. (BTW, all optimum solutions are in fact sub-optimum!)

This ‘sense of urgency’ is also true with what I write on this blog. And thus I made a decision sometime ago to go on writing, caring least even for spellchecks.  Rest assured, I am not happy with these glaring errors and am  working on ways to remove/eliminate/minimize these defects/errors.

I thank the above seeker. Many kind souls (close friends from academia, non-academia and other walks of life) have brought this to my attention.  I thank them all.

I have a reason to say that I might have found my able editor.  However, I should be careful in my assertion.  Only time will tell.  Mere skills are not sufficient since the enthusiasm, tenacity and ability to comprehend technical matters are also key to effective editing.  I am certainly optimistic.



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