New book in the works – ‘The Year of Mahabharata War’

A reader wrote…

“….why not to take references from whole life of krishna. i have found one ref from a paper. author says that at time of killing of kansa there was appearance of a comet.  which comet this should be and in that era?

I think there should be more search on such references belonging to life of krishna in order to gather more evidences and proofs for mahabharata.”

My Response…

It is always good to see seekers doing their own search and then trying to connect the dots.. in a logical fashion.

The above comment could be in the context of me referring to ‘The Mahabharata text’ as the golden standard against which any proposal for the timing of Mahabharata War should be examined.

My study of Mahabharata, focusing exclusively on Astronomy and chronology observations of Mahabharata, over a period of 15+ years led me to multiple readings of the Mahabharata text. And thus I feel more than comfortable in reiterating my challenge to anyone who is up to task to put forward (and defend) any proposal for the timing of Mahabharata War.. that claims the War to have occurred ANYTIME after 4000 BCE! No IFS and BUTS.

Of course by a challenge I mean.. a proposal/date has to be backed by serious ‘testable’ evidence….not some randomly quoted statement from a Purana (or other documents) without explaining how one went about ‘testing’ it.

But back to answering  the question above reader asked.

In fact I am very much aware of the astronomy reference/observation of a comet, the reader is referring to at the time of killing of Kamsa, I have done my homework/research and have written a long note which will be part of the upcoming book.

The Tentative title of the book is: The Year of Mahabharata War- Additional evidence from Astronomy, Geology & Anthropology’. I do not have a date of publication in mind, since I am currently busy working on ‘Bhishma Nirvana’.

The reader was very eager to know the conclusion when I let him know that I have indeed studied, tested this reference of comet at the time of killing of Kamsa.

This is what I wrote in response to his second question (i.e. regarding the conclusion due to testing of my comet reference).

“All is well with 5561 BCE as the Year of Mahabharata War.”

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “New book in the works – ‘The Year of Mahabharata War’

  1. Namaskar Sir,
    1) In a video you have said that you are working on a book on Dwarka. Will this book that you are mentioning in this post be that same book?

    2) When can we expect to get the book on Bhishma Nirvana?

    • Thank you for your interests in my works. All the background research is completed (as far as defined scope of these books). There are total of 4 of them in works. Some of them have been completed 70%+, however still in draft stage.

      I do not know when they will be published. I want to publish them as soon as I can. There are number of things I am working in parallel and that is, in part, delaying completion and publication of these books.

      Have you read my two books that are already out there on Amazon?

      Warm regards,

      • Yes Sir I have read your all your works.

        Can please name the topics of each of these four books????

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