5561 BCE & Genealogies of Kings/Rulers – Part 3

While things can be assumed without presuming it (i.e. presumed to be true), it is critical to realize that any and all background assumptions are open to criticism and they should be put to rational criticism.

Exhibit -1

Megasthenes states the following

(1) Megasthenis, according to Arian, has written that between Sandrocotus to Dianisaum 153 generations and 6042 years passed.

The Indica of Megasthenis and/or other authors who claim to have reproduced data from indica also state that there were 15 generations between Dionisaum and Heracles.

This Heracles can be identified (based on other references within Indica) as referring to Krishna (of Mahabharata).

Sandrocotus is identified with Chandragupta Maurya.

Assuming all above,

We can calculate that there were 138 (153-15) generations between Krishna (Mahabharata) and Chadragupta Maurya (340 BCE – 298 BCE)

Since 153 Generations correspond to 6042 years.

Therefore, 138 Generations correspond to ((138/153)* 6042) =5450 Years.

Recall our formula:

If we happen to know Number of Kings/Rulers (X), between Events A & B, who ruled on an average for years Y….


Estimated timing of Event A = X Multiplied by Y, Years before the reference event B.

Event A = Mahabharata War

X = 138 (Number of Generations between Krishna(Mahabharata) and Chandragupta Maurya.

Event B = Timing of Chandraguta Maurya (340 BCE – 298 BCE) ~ 320 BCE (Middle of his time)

X * Y = Number of Years between events A and B = 5450 Years.

Based on assertion of Megasthenes (from Indica) and based on assumptions for X, Y, X*Y, Event A and Event B (i.e.,  timing of Event B (~320 BCE), identification of Sandrocotus with that of Chandragupta Maurya, identification of Heracles with that of Krishna of Mahabharata)

Estimated timing of the Mahabharata War   ~ 5450 + 320 BCE ~ 5770 BCE.

End of Exhibit 1.


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