7575th Anniversary of the Mahabharata War

Today is the Anniversary for the first day (16 October 5561 BCE) of the Mahabharata War.

Of course due to changes in the calendar (from Julian to Gregorian), additional corrections (such as that of 1582 CE), 10-11 day annual recession of Lunar Tithi and the most critical ‘precession of equinoxes, the day would no longer resemble the way it would have felt (season or otherwise) at the time of Mahabharata, some 7575 years ago.

While today we are at the second half of Lunar month of Ashwin, it was the day of Kartika Amavasya (more than 30 lunar tithis removed) when the Mahabharata War began. In addition, while we are in the second half of fall season in our times, fall season (sharad Rutu) had just begun at the time of Mahabharata War.

The War began on 16 October 5561 BCE and continued for 18 days, i.e. until 2 November5561 BCE.


2 thoughts on “7575th Anniversary of the Mahabharata War

  1. Do not agree at all with your findings 😦
    Forget the Lunar and astrological calculations and see the Ancient History as it ACTUALLY WAS!
    It was at least 10,600 years ago (Y)

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