Pro India Research Dynamics

A seeker wrote ( a while ago)….

I thought of reproducing it as it might shed light on deracinated Indians, defeated but also indifferent Indian psyche and also the psyche of Indian Sepoys (AIT or otherwise)
Nilesh Oak ji,

A general comment about pro-Indian books. Often they sound defensive, trying to justify our right to be left alone from the aggressive but unjustified views and propaganda of the West.

There is a psychological angle to all this. Readers usually subconsciously identify themselves with the winning team. They may consciously be in agreement with the writer, but their subconsciousness would rebel against this stance, and often they would not come out in open support. Defensiveness is considered by the mind as a losing proposition. One’s whole life experience subconsciously keeps on saying, ‘one would lose’!

The “Islam khatre me hai” differs from this theory because regardless of such rhetoric, it is still an aggressive stance because each Muslim understands that the base stance is one of conquering the other. In Dharmic thinking, however ‘Defense’ is the default attitude, and not aggression or even retribution. However to feel the strength in the defense at the subconscious level, one has to be immersed truly in the Dharmic thought. That is not that often the case.

So when reading, the mind often identifies itself with the aggressor, especially the stubborn aggressor. Defense as a strategy is considered by the mind as something for the losers!

The style of writing of Western writers is different. It is, I feel, much more aggressive. They may use lies upon lies, but they present those lies nicely giving the reader strong wings for his imagination. They want to take their readers on a journey of conquest and it doesn’t really matter if the wings are of lies. The pro-India writers want to keep their reader in one place, making him hold up his view and defend something which to the reader’s mind looks indefensible. The reader makes no journey!

OIT, I believe, is about turning this around. But we are still in the defensive mode! We are still in the outraged mode! Sure it is important to strengthen our flanks! But one has to wonder whether a few horse bones alone would suffice for that?

This defensive attitude is however not always the case. Sometimes we in fact become quite aggressive, and start making big claims – the claims about Pushpak Vimana and Nuclear Wars! That too doesn’t really work out, because that sounds like lashing out, a move of desperation. There is an important element that lacks in it.

The whole issue is one of domination of the narrative – whose narrative dominates! The aggressor pushes his theories about the other and pooh-poohs the claims of the other about himself. The aggressor builds up his case through intensive cultural impregnation of the public, almost blending out all other narratives from reaching its own tribe. Today in the Internet age, this cannot be done through normal channels of blocking and censorship, so it is done by overwhelming the own tribe with all forms of cultural input. The aggressor also tries to buy into the cultural media of the other, so that the other’s media instead of blocking out foreign influence, in fact boosts it.

All this cultural media output in the West is harnessed to fill in the blanks of its own outrageous claims. A movie like Prometheus would decrease the resistance of the viewer to many ideas promoted in it – creationism, Indo-European supremacy within mankind say over Africans or Arabs or Chinese, Anglo-German ownership of Indo-Europeanism, etc. All these ideas are presented with such a complete experience of an engrossing story line, visuals and special effects, that the viewer comes out of the movie thinking it is possible.

In the West, science and myth are at the same time kept apart and at the same time interwoven into each other very artfully. “Science-fiction” is used to fill in the blanks between their myths and claims and a viewer’s credulity providing the viewer with a bridge to accept a lie.

When Hindus make claims of reality of Pushpak Vimanas and Nuclear War in Ancient Times, we don’t really have the glue to make it stick to the consciousness of reality of a person. There is a lot of cartilage missing. Mind you, I am not saying that that was all not true. It may have been true but the claim is still outrageous because those who make such a claim have not done their homework in preparing the public of 21st century to believe in it, much less any work to show scientifically that it happened.

The critical Indian has become suspicious of his own heritage because the guardians of this heritage have very much failed to make it easier for him to believe in this world where science rules.

In fact even if science speaks for something, it still is not sufficient if one does not how to tell a good story!

That is why it is all the laudable what the Westerners have really been able to accomplish – they have built a whole fictitious history for themselves with a fictitious language all on a lie and by stealing India’s ancient history and Sanskrit! Wow! They have put so much cartilage around the narrative that everybody thinks it has a skeleton underneath!

If this sounds like a rant, then I am probably guilty of it!


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