“A Timeless Classic” – says An Amazon reviewer

Being a history buff, I had recently enrolled for a course on China offered by Harvard on edx.org. Archaeologically there is nothing so far to suggest a Xia dynasty existed as the Chinese sacred books suggest. They also were a civilization that came from outside China rather than indigenous. But, BUT, it was put across in such a way that “archaeologically we aren’t there yet’ and also while talking about the history of China, the history as documented within China – through their sacred books was taken pretty seriously. Not simply brushed aside as myth. Another thing that stood out was that, in the Chinese education system, while the archaeological facts and the fact that archaeologically the civilization had external origins was mentioned, the history books had the version as suggested by the Chinese sacred books also as history and not as myth. In other words, they didn’t simply rubbish their traditional wisdom aside because archaeology isn’t there yet to corroborate it. Cut to India: Almost all the conventional wisdom and associated literature – namely the Vedas, Upanishads and the Itihasas are a myth in popular perception. Or history books teach us likewise and the historians worldwide have absolutely no respect whatsoever for our books.

This book by Nilesh just goes on to show the hidden truth in those texts. The author takes the time to build the foundation on the Indian system and calendars season etc that will help anyone understand the Indian system better(which will include most of the Indians). I loved the chapter on the star Abhijeet. This is something 99% of the Indians wouldn’t know. This chapter is enough to show that there is much more to the ancient texts than mantras. The author then sets out very methodically to lay out all the 90 odd astronomical observations in Mahabharatha and derives at his conclusion. The date of Mahabharatha Per Se may be agreeable to you or not. But there is more to it. The fact that Mahabharatha has this many astronomical observation so cogently captured in it is itself a fact that is lost on many. If people can appreciate that alone more than anything else will be a worthwhile takeaway from this book. That is one good reason why you should buy this book. The author goes about the entire thing with an almost surgical precision. Very easy to understand. The book is well laid out. Arrived on time and is a timeless classic.


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