Ruminations of my friend from Bimbetka Caves

The day we will assert, they will stop asking for any evidence. Take the bull by the horns.

This circus is going on for years. The whole game is controlled by them. We have good scholars but without backing and they are doing good on their own. But the assertiveness is of an individual and not of a nation. They (AIT Nazis and their AIT Sepoys) play the game of shifting targets every time you meet their ‘requirement’ and we are still uncertain about our past; thanks to ‘them’

The game is designed by these guys with agenda. The whole discourse and science is established by these people. Unfortunately for them,  the game they have invented has faults and they run from invasion to migration to linguistics to mythological rivers to mighty original river called saraswati for instance. There are veterans who still think ‘aryan’ is a problem, afraid of trashing the whole idea. Indus Script is a problem. Horse is a problem, chariot is a problem and wheel is a problem. Instead of fruitfully and proactively pursuing something unexplored, many of us are inter-twined in explaining and sometimes ‘pleasing’ these agenda-putras.

My friend, keep writing, while you are in the zone….and enjoy Bimbetka.

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