Mahabharata War: Conjunction of Mars, Mercury and Venus

A non-reader of my books (my guess, of course.. .but a good one) wrote…

All the dating work I’ve seen so far haven’t mentioned the fact that mercury, Venus and Mars were in conjunction. It is mentioned in the shalya parva and also mentions an earthquake and comets. Just wondering if this is one of those astro phenomena that is considered less important that eclipses and nakshatra placements.

My Response:

I am not surprised that you have not seen in Mahabharata dating works using Astronomy data a mention (and explanation) …never mind corroboration….for Mars, mercury and Venus conjunction. This is because you are not reading the real astronomy research in the context of Mahabharata yet! 🙂

In my book – ‘When did the Mahabharata War Happen? The Mystery of Arundhati’ the mention of your desired reference occurs on around page 86-87. The relevant Mahabharata text references are Shalya Parva 11:17 (Gita Press edition). You also need to refer to Bhishma Parva 1.5, and also Bhishma Parva 20.5 (all referring to Gita Press edition) to make sense out of Shalya 11:17.

Check out Error Elimination – Experiment 21 in my book.

Happy Reading.

I don’t think it mentions ‘comet’. If it does, I would be curious to know the exact verses.


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