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If my memory serves me right, this gentlman had posted a review of my book previously.

He kindly places me among the list of Who’s who; who are breaking the barriers of dogmatic (most of it but not all from academia) and tired research (for most part what can be described as ‘Charvit-charvanam’ —Chewing the chewed).

Here it is for your reading pleasure…

A brilliant piece of literary investigation, beautifully worded and researched. Author Nilesh Nilkanth Oak has joined the coveted ranks of researchers led by Giorgio de Santillana (Hamlets Mill – 1969), Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery – 1994), Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods – 1995), Walter Cruttenden (Lost Star of Myth and Time-2005) Florence and Kenneth Wood (Homer’s Secret Iliad-1999 and Homer’s Secret Odyssey – 2011) who dared to publish what they believed in, thus pushing the clock of civilisation back further and risking the wrath of established Church dogma !!!

The author feels embarrassed by three (only ? 🙂 incongruities – First – The timing of Krishna’s Death does not match the beginning of the Kali Yuga. It needn’t . . . A growing suspicion is gaining ground that Krishna and the Gita were superimposed upon the Mahabharata at a later date and were not initially part of the original. The second – Insertion of an additional Lunar Month in the exile of Balrama – This is related to the first. Finally, the Late Moonrise on the 18th day of the War – Well, this is baffling but one out of more than 383 astronomical confirmations ain’t bad !!! Although his explanation sounds plausible, it is out of place – I believe it must be an error in translation !!!!

I have to now check out what he says about ‘The Historic Rama’ …………… He’s terrific. I thought Subhash KAK and David FRAWLEY would buck the system but seems they became more cautious in their old age !!!


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