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By the same reader whose review I posted in my previous post on this blog.

Exaltation of Planets in the Ramayana, September 14, 2014

An excellent seminal work on scientific reasoning. Nilesh has proved himself once again, he is an acute investigator and a literary craftsman of the first degree – in the tradition of Giogio de Santillana and Graham Hancock . . . .

On Page 82 of the Book, Nilesh conjectures that the exact degree of exaltation of Planets occurs by their presence in their respective signs, rather than the exact degrees (RA) they occupy. The conjecture is correct and also confirmed by the teachings of noted Vedic Astrologer Professor VK Choudhary in his Book Self Learning Course in Astrology (ISBN 8170820405). In brief, the exaltation in particular degrees has crept in erroneously through the Dark Ages of Vedic Astrology whereas the original intention was to convey that “Planets are in Exaltation in their particular signs.” This above corroborates with Nilesh’s conjecture of “exalted status of planets”.

I look forward to the authors next piece of work and hope that he would also consider dating the Rig Veda and the Avesta as well sometime in the near future.


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