Response to Shri Shrikant Talageri – Part 5 of 8

In this part (of the series) I want to enumerate the objections/concerns/criticism leveled at AV observation, purely from ‘astronomy’ point of view.

All of these objections/concerns/criticisms are actual objections raised by multiple people. Some of them, by same people, multiple times.

Let this not dishearten those who feel incompetent in comprehending astronomy. I assure you that such fear is unwarranted. Pre 2009 CE (AD), my knowledge of astronomy was as good (or bad) as any random reader who may run into my blog.

Let’s get into the objections, astronomically speaking, against AV observation:

(1) A and V are going in a circle around the North Pole and thus I do not understand when you say A is walking ahead of V, or vice versa. Help.

(2) Many great researchers (Including University Professors) could not figure out A walking ahead of V. What makes you think you can figure this out? You should first publish in peer reviewed journal and then only I will accept your claim.

(3) Even if we ignore the ‘Omen’ part for a min, why would Vyasa, even astronomically speaking, would mention an observation that was valid for some 5000 years before your claimed year (5561 BCE) for the Mahabharata War?

(4) I went out the other night and looked at both A and V, and I could not see them separate (or who is ahead of who). How come Vyasa or people of ancient times could figure out such things, which we can not in today, when we know so much more and have access to so much technology?

(5) A and V are very close as such. Are you telling me Vyasa had telescope (and time) to look at AV couple and figure out who is ahead of who.

(6) In 5561 BCE, was it possible to notice A ahead of V, with a naked eye observation?

(7) How do you know how much separation is required befroe one can say A is ahead of V?

(8) How much minimum separation is requried before one can say A is walking ahead of V?

You get the flavor.

In the next part, I will list a specific concern and then my response along with supporting data and/or scientific principles.

When done, we should be ready to look at the AV observation from the ‘OMEN’ standpoint and make further progress.

We will be forced to draw some amazing inferences. I will provide additonal corroborative evidence, in support of these inferences.


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