Kurukshetra War, Wikipedia & Non-Science (or Non-sense)

A reader brought to my attention that the reference to my work was removed from the Wikipedia page. This is not a big deal in any way. That is what vested interests have done since the birth of Wikipedia.

However, curiosity got the better of me and I finally thought of reading what was written on that Wikipedia page (and of course wondering what might have provoked vested interests to remove the reference to my work).

The Wikipedia page in question is:


The entry to the right says the following..

The date is given as “sometime between 16th and 10th century BCE.

And heading of the table states that “Details given are according to epic Mahabharata”

The page also says…

The most widely accepted date is 10th century BCE or 950 BCE, according to archeological evidence.
I want to assert to readers and researchers of Mahabharata that

– There is NOTHING, NADA, NOT a single shred of evidence within the entire corpus of Mahabharata text that will allow one to date the historicity of the epic (Mahabharata) to 10-16th century BCE.

-There is NOTHING, NADA, NOT a single shred of archeological evidence that would corroborate occurrence of the epic anytime between 10th Century BCE or 950 BCE (they both mean the same!!!) or for that matter anytime during 10-16th century BCE.

This is non-science (or non-sense) of highest order.

Disprove my assertions! Any takers?


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