AV Observation, Kurukshetra War & Wikipedia

This is a small , but important, digression from the series of blog articles I am writing, in response to comment of Shri Shrikant Talageri.

This week, one of the readers (and very active researcher in his own right) of my books wrote me a brief note telling me that reference to my work on the dating of Mahabharata War (5561 BCE) was removed from the following Wikipedia page.


I don’t know who entered the reference in the first place. I may have a screen shot of this Wikipedia page when my reference was part of the write up.

In any case I write this to expose how a well intentioned application can be misused.

Of course I am not the first one to expose this nonsensical part of Wikipedia. Many others are aware of it. This is what I wrote in the appendix article (Origin of the nomenclature and sequence of weekdays) I wrote in my second book – ‘The Historic Rama’.

One of the authors searched the internet and Wikipedia, exhaustively, for any and all references in this context. We also saved screenshots of these Wikipedia searches (as of November 2013). Reader must be aware that information on Wikipedia is dynamic and while Wikipedia is a decent source of information for numerous non-controversial subjects; when it comes to subjects of critical importance (philosophy, original research, appropriation and digestion of ideas) Wikipedia is, as Rajiv Malhotra puts it, “a sinister force behind the deceptive mask of fairness and level playing field.” Readers may visit http://www.rajivmalhotra.com to know more about original and groundbreaking work of Rajiv Malhotra.


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