Incorrect & Correct VIEW of Scientific Method

The incorrect (widespread and traditionally believed by many to be the way of scientific method) view of scientific method proceeds in the following stages:

(1) Observations and Experiments
(2) Inductive generalizations
(3) Hypothesis (theory)
(4) Attempted verification
(5) Proof or disproof
(6) Knowledge
The correct method (as elucidated by Sir Karl Popper) is as follows:

(1) Problem (due to conflict of observation with existing theory or a priori expectations)
(2) Proposed solution (new theory)
(3) Deductions of testable propositions – i.e. consequences of a new theory
(4) Tests – i.e. attempted refutations by observations and experiments. There are other additional criterion that can falsify a new (proposed theory)…e.g. contradiction, conflict, ad-hoc hypotheses that reduces testability of a theory and so on.
(5) Preference established ( A better theory) between competing theories.


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