Dr. Elst’s theory of ‘The Arundhati Omen’: Part 7 of 8

Dr. Elst writes….

“For a different information given by the epic itself: Balarama misses the battle because he goes on pilgrimage reaching the place whre it stops flowing, thus after the drying of the Saraswati ca. 1900 BC.”

This is another careless, casual and of course utterly incorrect statement.

I fail to understand why researchers (not limited to Dr. Elst, he remains but an illustration of this phenomenon) dare to make such unsophisticated, ignorant and careless remarks without reading the Mahabharata text in detail.
Without going into repeating the assertions for Sarasvati of Mahabharata times, I will provide the links of my previously written blog articles that shed enough light on the factual state of Sarasvati of Mahabharata. This is of course besides the matter of ‘Tirthayatra of Balarama’ covered in my book.

Readers may want to read the following and then asses statement of Dr. Elst.






I hope the above blog articles should mute the nonsensical argument of Mahabharata War after 1900 BCE, based on drying of Sarasvati for good.

To be continued…


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