Readers ask, “What’s next?”

Many readers ask me (mostly via email) what future projects I am working on.

Here is a brief reply:

(1) Revising ‘When did the Mahabharata War happen’ book.. mostly for removal of existing errors and also addition of few figures that may allow readers to understand AV observation with ease.

(2) Kumbhakarna – A rational biography (or A critical Study) ….this is the working title.

(3) Bhishma Nivana – All past researchers of Mahabharata (note – this is a daring statement, albeit, factual and unfortunately true) have shown utter ignorance for all relevant observations of Bhishma Nirvana by focusing on only 1-3 (out of 23) observations and worse, misinterpreting those limited observations. Dogmatism, illogic and useless argumentation has run amok and resulted in regress (as opposed to progress) of Mahabharata research in last 100+ years.

I have covered the gist of this in my Mahabharata book, but somehow I feel that it is not understood by readers with the importance it deserves.

Mahabharata references of Bhishma Nirvana are capable of (independent of AV observation) showing impossibility of Mahabharata War anytime after 4000 BCE!.

Stay tuned…

(4) The Year of Mahabharata War : additional evidence from Astronomy, Geology and Anthropology

(5) The Truth: Measuring, Analyzing & Comparing (Modern Cosmology, Mahabharata, Ramayana as illustrations)

(6) Ancient Indian History – Archeo Astronomy : Dueling Fools

Many more in the pipeline.. But this list should answer readers question.


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