Dr. Elst’s theory of ‘The Arundhati Omen’: Part 4 of 8

Dr. Elst writes, presumably, to my fan (or to me)….

“Secondly, note already that you put the tradition and the numerous Hindu believers in the tradition in the wrong. They, with their 3139 BCE, are said to be more than 24 centuries off. So, you may fight it out with them, not to speak of those convinced of a later date, like me. Moreover, your discovery fails to take into account the general picture, with its chronology determined by many other factors.”

Readers, my fans and Dr. Elst must understand that scientific determination of the timing of historical event is not an issue that can be delegated to a tradition, or believers of a specific viewpoint. The subject should be discussed in as precise as possible so as to enable rational criticism. Neither traditional/religious nor academic/scholarly beliefs have any place in rational discussion, although all of them can play a useful role by providing seed hypotheses.

There are 60+ different proposals for the timing of Mahabharata War that hover around 3102 BCE +/- 100 years, all driven by the erroneous and arbitrary belief in the beginning of Kali-Yuga coinciding with the year 3102 BCE.

Curious readers may look at my following blog articles in ‘Kali-Yuga’ series…




The proposal of 3139 BCE has very little thought gone into it in its conception.

In fact there are few other dates – 3138 BCE, 3143 BCE, 3126 BCE and so on, proposed based on same erroneous thinking.

These researchers began with erroneous (either not known to them.. or they could not care less) assumption of 3102 BCE as the beginning of Kali-Yuga, then employed one references from Bhagavad Purana, failed to understand the obvious interpretation (i.e., read too much into it) and combined it with another Mahabharata observation (Krishna passing away 36 years after the Mahabharata War) to arrive at their proposed date..

In brief..

(1). Beginning of Kali-Yuga = 3102 BCE (possibly due to Aryabhatta)

(2). Bhagavad Purana references –carelessly interpreted to mean –Kaliyuga began at the moment when Krishna passed away

(3). Mahabharata reference that states Krishna passed away 36 years after the timing of Mahahabharata War.

In language of Mathematics,

Using one constraint (2) and two simultaneous equations (1) and (3),

They arrived at 3102 BCE (Beginning of Kali-Yuga) – 36 Years ~3139 BCE (timing of Mahabharata War)!!!!!!!

One certainly wishes research was so easy (!) and naïve!

Dr. Elst leaves us with no clues why he is ‘convinced’ of a ‘later date’.
Dr. Elst states… (and this is where I think he might be addressing me..)

“Moreover, your discovery fails to take into account the general picture, with its chronology determined by many other factors.”

We will have a critical look at these ‘others factors’ Dr. Elst refers to in our next section of this series..

To be continued…..


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