Need Tapas, Not Tamas

Tapas = (Hard work & Dedication)

Tamas = (Careless, casual and lazy justification)

As I research intricate aspects of Mahabharata and work on identifying and then attempting to solve problems of the Mahabharata, the longest epic of humankind, I am amazed by the dedication of few innovative and humble researchers.

For such one creative and innovative seeker, unfortunately there are at least dozens of pseudo-researchers who fall somewhere along the axis of naivety, incompetency or quackery. This is a ‘tamasic crowd’. What they write is deliberately garbled, full of irrelevant truism and is done to mask their incompetence. This is done with the hope that a reader somehow will be confused and may not find out that the researcher has pulled a good con job.

These ‘tamasic’ researchers are busy generating fog. Their so called explanations are full of irrelevant truisms and it is tiring to read them, never mind providing rational criticism.

I will write more on this soon. Have a great weekend.


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