Scientific exploration of History: Neither an armchair speculation nor a Spectator sport

Khara – Rama Fight: 28 March 12210 BCE

When a reader wrote stating that his attempt to simulate the sky for my proposed date of 28 March 12210 BCE did not match with my descriptions of the day (as referred to in Valmiki Ramayana).

This act of his is very much being part of the game, game of comprehending history, in a scientific manner, with the help of tools available at any given time. And besides astronomy software, one critical tool we always have access to is ‘rational criticism’
I received another pleasant surprise yesterday when a reader wrote…

“I’ve been using Stellarium software for sometime now (for almost a month & half). I’ve read ur recent blog on Khara Rama fight. The reader u mentioned was not able to replicate the stellar/planetory/sun-moon positions on the said date using the same software. The good news is that we can replicate the scenario in Stellarium; of course not exact but going very close to what you have done using Voyeger.

For last month or so I’m trying to do some caliberations in Stellarium to get more precision.
I used custom delta T correction in that. I was able to recreate the stellar/planetary positions of mahabharat very very close to what u have done using Voyeger (I chose some 6-7 observations randomly).

There are some differences with eclipses though but i’m looking into that.

If possible, please ask the reader u mentioned in your blog to use more precise delta T correction (NASA site can help on this) & correct year in stellarium (it uses astronomical year so 12210 BC would become -12209).

I will also post (as a reply to the blog post itself) the position coordinates of planets on Khara-Rama fight day using stellarium (stellarium does show the positions very close to position shown by voyager).”


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