There ain’t negative Publicity

I presume it is a lot of original researchers to receive much negative/hate/junk mail.

Majority of human beings do not know what to do with original research, a new theory or a new proposal that naturally shakes the old foundations they assume to be true.

As Someset Maughm puts it…

Now the world in general doesn’t know what to make of originality; it is startled out of its comfortable habits of thought, and its first reaction is one of anger.

And as much as many of them like to read of revolutions (cultural, political, scientific), very few are willing to face one in their own lives or one that challenges their own beliefs.

So I get it, at least the fear, the anger and at times even hate that I notice in number of emails I receive. However, there are few who go out to the public with their fear (or anger or hate or envy).

One of the volunteers, in India, who has put huge efforts, selflessly, in making my ‘The Historic Rama’ available in India in paperback, received the following email:

Thanks for the info. Nilesh Oak wants to make money by inventing a fictitious date of Lord Ram . Earlier also he made money by writing a book on a fictitious date of the Mahabharata.


The email was forwarded to me. I recognized the name right away. This individual had done email correspondence with me, after the publication of my first book (Mahabharata War). The email communication began on a courteous note and became abusive/irrational as it progressed and I had to put an end to it very soon thereafter.

The gentleman went on writing in negative light, about my book, at every opportunity he could find. While I did not notice his ramblings anywhere (except one Yahoo group), many readers of my book wrote me to let me know that they became aware of my book because of the rant of this gentleman.

And many who knew this gentleman, took his rant as clue to read something good. They took that leap of faith and they told me that they were glad they did.

I hope this gentleman continues that glorious tradition with ‘The Historic Rama’.


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