Harvard Indologist’s escapade in Archeo-Astronomy: Part 1 of 100

While I was researching/validating astronomy reference of ‘Nakshatra Krittika rising DUE EAST’ from Shatapatha Brahmana, I came across few works by other researchers (Pingree, Achar, Witzel, etc.).

I have already analyzed work of Late Prof. Pingree and provided criticism of it on this blog.

When I read an article of Prof. Witzel, on this very subject of astronomy reference of Shatapatha Brahmana, I realized that however difficult, I must analyze his article. The difficulty of analyzing is due to the fact that the article written by him (in his EJVS – Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies) reeks of fallacies of all kinds.

I decided to call this series a 100 part series for two reasons:

(1) The analysis and criticism of the article of Prof.Witzel will indeed take many blog articles. The number 100 is used in the sense of many (a common occurrence of these numbers (100, 1000, 1,000,000) used to denote many – in Indian literature, at least going back to 13th Millennium BCE)

(2) Shata-Patha : 100 paths (again, referring to ‘many’ paths). I thought the number very appropriate

This does not mean I am planning to write exactly 100 blog articles in this series. But then one never knows. I have surprised myself many times.


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