Balarama’s Tirthayatra of Sarasvati

A reader wrote…

“a quick question after reading part 9 of your criticism of 3067 BC date for MB.”

I am not an expert on lunar calendar cycles, so bear with me if I state something obviously wrong. In the above para, you wrote that the gap between Pushya & Shravana must be between 39 days & 45 days. You then concluded that Balarama’s journey must have taken 42 days. Was 42 days an interpolated, approximate number between 39 and 45 or must his journey have taken “exactly” 42 days? If 42 is only an approximation, is it possible that Balarama’s journey took 39 days instead of 42?

My response..

Mahabharata Text – Shalya Parva (GP 34.6, CE 33.5)

चत्वारिंशदहान्यद्द्य द्वे च मे नि:सृतस्य वै
पुष्येण संप्रयातोsस्मि श्रवणे पुनरागत:

I left (or began journey) on nakshatra Pushya and after 42 days, am arriving (back) on nakshatra Shravana.

(Do read my analysis, criticism and alternate suggestion, conflict resolution, etc in my book .chapter 9, pages 119-125)

Thus no confusion as to what the above verse is saying.: 42 days and Pushya through Shrvana (~ 1.5 round of the moon around the earth)
My suggesting a range of 39-45 days was based on the fact that length of Tithi is not of same duration (can vary from 19 hours to 26 hrs) and thus was giving this range, to offer a benefit of doubt, to the proposal of Raghavan/Achar.
Now to your query..

Could it be possible that journey would have taken only 39 days and not 42?

It is possible.. but what would such a conjecture achieve?

NADA – for Raghavan/Achar timeline.
Also recognize that this above verse from MBH text + late moonrise of 14th day of the War + traditional belief in Gitajayanti = Margashirsha Shudda 11 + interpolated reading (possibly commentary of later author) referring to day of Bhishma Nirvana as that of Magha Shudda 8 (and moon in Rohini) are CRITICAL for timeline of Raghavan/Achar.

and the tragedy is ‘each of these references’ and corresponding MBH text references and/or consequences of it .. FALSIFY (not corroborate… NEVER MIND “DETERMINE”) 3067 BCE as the year of MBH war and 22 November – 9 December 3067 as 18 days of the War.
Against this, consider the fact that one may remove all of these above references (by remove.. I mean not consider…in determing timing of MBH war) for my timeline….and IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Thus my job was to corroborate them (or show why they could be interpolated and/or have transliteration errors) or show how they conflict with rest of Mahabharata evidence.

I have shown that to be the case on each count. (Chapter 9).


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