Dr. Elst’s theory of ‘The Arundhati Omen’: Part 2 of 8

Dr. Elst writes…

Not having a Sanskrit Mahabharata handy, I am quoting from memory, so you may fill in relevant details.

Let’s fill in the relevant details.

Vyasa tells Dhritarashtra that he (Vyasa) was observing the sky during the sunset and the sunrise.

Bhishma Parva 2:20

उभे पूर्वापरे संध्ये नित्यं पश्यामि भारत
उदयास्तमने सुर्य कबन्धै: परिवारितं

Vyasa has also listed numerous other observations of the planetary positions, combinations at the time of the Mahabharata War. This means he was also making details observations of the sky at night, during this time.

Dr. Elst writes…

I do not know how Vyasa’s observation came about, but it cannot possibly be a sighting of Arundhati rising first before the 5th millennium.

Here are the details of AV observation.

Bhishma Parva 2:31

या चैषा विश्रुता राजंस्त्रैलोक्ये साधुसम्मता
अरुंधती तयाप्येष वसिष्ठ: पृष्ठत: कृत:

Unless Dr. Elst or anyone else has alternate theories (other than a visual observation of the sky), the above AV observation was possible only during 11091 BCE – 4508 BCE!

No ‘IF’ and ‘But’, ‘probable’ or ‘impossible’!

It is then interesting that while Dr. Elst asserts, “but it cannot possibly be a sighting of Arundhati rising first before the 5th millennium.” he is completely silent on the corresponding (and required) evidence in support of his assertion.

Dr. Elst writes…

But it can very well be an unusual sighting of Arundhati after the 5th millennium.

It certainly can! And if so, will decisively falsify 5561 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War, but also any other year already proposed (or will be proposed in future) that will fall within the Epoch of Arundhati.

Of course, anyone claiming this to be so has an onus to design such an experiment and then test it for the desired timeline of their choice. Otherwise such a proposal would amount to ‘explaining AWAY, rather than providing explanation, of AV observation.

I encourage Dr. Elst and others to accept this challenge. Otherwise, this is to be seen as baseless and useless digression from the progress in our understanding of the Mahabharata War.

Dr. Elst continues…

So, let’s drop this eccentric theory and discuss possible dates for the Mahabharata war within the usual range of dates.

This is no longer an eccentric theory, a theory that is been corroborated by 200+ astronomy, chronology and season observations of Mahabharata text.

(BTW, all theories, at least revolutionary theories, when proposed are indeed eccentric theories. But then that is a trivially true statement of all revolutionary theories that we know of.)

AV observation was an eccentric sounding observation (at least until I demystified it in May 2009 CE)… to the extent many called it ‘absurd’, ‘impossible in the very order of nature’ and many tried to explain by speculating that later commentators or even Sauti, inserted something that could not be possible to dramatize the situation leading to the day of the Mahabharata War

I will discuss rest of Dr. Elst’s comments in concluding and last part (part 3).


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