Analysis & Criticism: 3067 BCE as the Year of Mahabharata War (Part 6 of 10)

Prof. Achar and his testing of Raghavan’s date of 3067 BC for the year of MBH War – Part-6

In this section I will briefly comment on first 4 of (total 12) observations of Achar.

Suffice to say that none of the 4 observations can lead one to year 3067 BC, however observation# 4 (Saturn near Rohini) is capable of corroborating any year when Saturn is near Rohini (every 2~29.5 years) including that of 3067 BC.


(1) Krishna leaves for Hastinapur.. from Upaplavya on Revati Nakshatra, in the month of lotuses (Achar interprets this as lunar month of Kartika)

This observation is imp for determining time interval spent my Krishna in Hastinapur on peace mission, when combined with observation #2 and #3 below


(2) While Krishna is in Hastinapur, Durydodhana rejects peace offfr. The day was Pushya (nakshatra was pushya, i.e. moon was near Pushya nakshatra)

This observation is useful as stated in (1) but also in placing restrictions on when Balarama could have begun his Tirthayatra of Sarasvati before arriving at Kurukshetra on the last day of MBH War to witnesss fight between Bhima and Duryodhana.


(3) Krishna leaves from Hastinapur 7 days befroe Shakra (Jyeshtha or Vishakha) Amawasya.

Useful in determining pre-war incidents, their timing, Tirthayatra of Balarama, its timing and so on.


(4) Saturn afflcited Rohini

Valid for 3067 BC but also equally valid for year 1971 AD or 2001 AD. In 1971 AD we had Bangladesh War ad in 2001 AD , Twin towers came crashing down in NY city.

Conclusion: None of these observations above, individually, or together would lead us to 3067 BC, as claimed by Achar.

Next time, I will analyze next set of observations (from total of 12) as claimed by Achar.

To be continued…


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