Analysis & Criticism: 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War (Part 4 of 10)

Prof. Achar and his testing of Raghavan’s date of 3067 BC for the year of MBH War – Part-4

Before I show how 12 references quoted by Achar in justification of his year 3067 BC for MBH war created enormous difficulties for his proposal, I want to attempt and point out what might have led Achar to quote 23 references (in his paper) from MBH text, but then claim that only 12 references as it relates to his proposal – 3067 BC.

These (23-12 = 11) references could be (from his paper)

Here is my attempt to make a list of 23 references from his paper (those in Bold letters are those ignored/eliminated by Achar in final analysis)

(1) Krishna leaves Upaplava on Revati Nakshtra and during month of lotuses

(2) Krishna was in Hastinapur when Moon was in Pushya

(3) Krishna still in Hastinapur – 7 days before Shakra Amavasya

(4) Saturn near Rohini. Achar accept this references from Udyogaparva, and also quotes references stating similar descripton from Bhishma Parva- Chapter 2 and accept it as additional confirmation of ‘Saturn afflicting Rohini’

(5) Mars going Vakri near Jyestha/Anuradha and also affflicting Chitra. Achar quotes this reference and then remains silent when it comes to interpretation.. or at best keeps his interpretaion ‘vague’ enough. We will soon see.. why!

(6) Lunar and solar eclipses within 13 days

(7) Bhishma expires on Magha S 8 .. this is Achar interpretation.. but the verse itself in principle could be interpreted in 2 more ways.. i.e. Magha S 4 or Magha K 4

(8) Day of Bhishma Nirvana = Day of Winter Solstice

(9) Lunar eclipse on Kartika full moon

(10) Saturn afflicting Rohini.. double reference referred to in (4)

(11) Shweta graha near Chitra

(12) Terrible comet near Pushya

(13) Mars vakri near Magha and Jupiter vakri near Shravana

(14) Saturn near Bhaga (P. Phalguni or U. Phalguni)

(15) Shukra making Parikrama near P. Bhadrapada

(16) Shyama graha near Jyeshtha

(17) Mars steady between Chitra and Swati

(18) Sun and Moon together afflicting Rohini

(19) Vakri -Anuvakri motions of Mars, followed by its arrival near Shravan/Abhijit

(20) Saturn-Jupiter stationary near Vishakha for a year

(21) Balarama Tirthayatra for 42 days.. beginning on Pushya and ending on Shravana

(22) Late moonrise on 14th day of War , at around 2 AM

(23) Interpolated reference per Achart, that he does employ.. the reference itself refers to Magha S 8, moon in Rohini as the timing of Bhishma Nirvana.

In next part, I will briefly comment on why Achar was forced to ignore these 11 references from his analysis.

To be continued……


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