Theory & Growth of Knowledge – Part 2 (AV observation as an illustration)

To take our favorite (at least your and mine) Problem of Arundhati-Vasishtha and timing of Mahabharata War

If the statement in MBH Text had said something like ” and on the first day, Arundhati was seen walking behind Vasistha” it would have turned out to be ‘trivially true statement/observation’, just as you expect steps to be there on staircase. Fine, but no new learning.. no new growth of knowledge, because statement is useless for figuring out timing of MBH war.

But the statement did not say the above, but the opposite which clashed with current(our times) observation.

we have a problem..

Problem -Why (or better… What) made Vyasa say that ARundhati was walking AHEAD of Vasistha

Tentative theories : (1) Absurd statement.. could be true.. but no growth of knowledge

(2) Vyasa was creating humor.. could be true.. but no growth of knowledge

(3) The statement was astrological and not Astronomical – could be true.. but no growth of knowledge

(4) The statement described visual observation of the time of War – really, but how and when? ..

That takes us to Error Elimination.. 15 years later.

That is how.

Bingo! celebration. Now onto bigger problems………..


5561 BCE! Did earth exists then, per Kepler and Newton, it did not. Did civilization exist then, per western widsom, nothing there before 3700 BCE
what about domesticated horses, languages, chariots, advanced sounding weapons, palaces, many problems more challenigng than previous ones.

This should tell one that this is good stuff! 🙂

In fact the statement of someone, that led me to writing this is an AIT believer. I want to bring it to the attention the Freudian slip in that statement. So let me repeat that statement by this AIT believer…

“Building a theory and trying to fit research findings to the theory may lead to frustrations and blaming the researchers”.

Well, guess what? I can not state story of ‘AIT’ any better than summarzied by this AIT believer. 🙄


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