Theory & Growth of Knowledge Part-1 (AIT nonsense as in an illustration)

Someone wrote somewhere….. (AIT – Aryan Invasion Theory)

one should build a theory/ model based on research findings. Building a theory and trying to fit research findings to the theory may lead to frustrations and blaming the researchers.


The statement shows tremendous confusion about what is theory and how theories are corroborated. So I responded..

My Response:


The method of theory building begins with a problem

Problem1 – Tentative Theory – Error Elimination (experiments, observations against computed consequences of tentative theory) – problem 2

AIT gang simply begins with established truth (in their mind, of course) that AIT is real and always looking for scraps to write diatribe to convince themselves, again, how they are right to hang on to ‘established truth’.

They should state the problem clearly.. a problem that led them to propose AIT. Now, that is a tall order for any AIT Nazi. They know the answer, “Not in this lifetime with a brain I have over my neck”. Better recognize ‘reincarnation”. Better luck next time around. 🙂
Here are few real life (trivial and funny) examples..

(1) We always have assumed theories/conjectures in our mind.

– think of an experience – you lift a bucket of water (thinking- theory/guess – it is full), you apply certain calculated force, and bucket is too light.. you are surprised. you are surprised because your expectation (based on theory that bucket was full) did not agree with observation/experience/evidence. So now, you may wonder why that happend.. who emptied the bucket (find alternate explanations..which may lead to another theory)….or why you thought the bucket should have been full (in this latter case question the theory)

– or when you walk down the stair, and stumble becacuse you expected another step to be there, but it was not there, ie. Theory not agreeing with experience.

So if we draw P1-TT-EE-P2, in a circle, then we may begin anywhere, however one should be always aware what stage they are in and why are they there.

e.g. Theory is proposed to solve an existing problem, or to solve a problem (because observation clashed with existing theory… empty bucket, missed step). Observations are sought, experiments are performed to see if theory proposed (TT) is capable of solving problem (P1).

Of course P2 is problem of higher dimension, greater complexity, created by succcess of a Theory (TT corroborated by EE) and cycle continues.. towards growth of knowledge. Therefore success of a theory is to be judged by new problems it creates – their complexity.

Now notice AIT in this light.

To AIT believers, there are no problems to solve at the end of it. Because all is clearly explained by AIT. Now there is the rub. But don’t hope that AIT believers will ever get it.


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