Analysis & Criticism: 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War (Part 3 of 10)

Prof. Achar and his testing of Raghavan’s date of 3067 BC for the year of MBH War – Part-3

In this segment I will try to list observations claimed to have been employed by Achar in testing 3067 BC.

(1) Krishna leaves for Hastinapur.. from Upaplavya on Revati Nakshatra, in the month of lotuses (Achar interprets this as lunar month of Kartika)

(2) While Krishna is in Hastinapur, Durydodhana rejects peace offfr. The day was Pushya (nakshatra was pushya, i.e. moon was near Pushya nakshatra)

(3) Krishna leaves from Hastinapur 7 days befroe Shakra (Jyeshtha or Vishakha) Amawasya.

(4) Saturn afflcited Rohini

(5) Mars went vakri near Jyeshtha/Anuradha (Achar talks of Mars retrograde, but silent on location)

(6) Mars afflicted Chitra (Achar interprets this to mean ‘some graha’ afflicted Chitra and silent on explanation/identification of ‘graha)

(7) Possible lunar eclipse on Kartika full moon, followed by Solar eclipsea at next Amawaysa, possiblity of 3 eclipses (2 lunar and one solar) and a pair of this lunar-solar eclipse separated by 13 days

(8) Bhisma passed on the day of (or one day after) Winter solstice, after lying on the bed of arrows for 58 nighs.

(9) Either 1/3 of Paksha or 1/3 of Month of Magha was expired at thetime of Bhishma Nirvana

(10) Also quotes interpolated reference and claims that this single reference is sufficient to get to exact date of MBH War.. but nowhere explains how one goes about doing it. The reference he mentions is (interpolated even by his admission) is that Bhishma passed away on the day of winter solstice when Moon was near Rohini and Magha S 8.

(11) Balarama began his Tirthyatra on Pushya nakshatra and after 42 days, ended it on Shravana nakshatra. Balarama returned to Kurukshetra to witness club-battle b/w Bhima and Duryodhana.. on the last and 18th day of the War.

(12) 14th day of the war refers to later moonrise (~ 2 AM)

I have done my best to extract references from Achar’s paper and tried to match it to his ‘claimed’ number of references he analysed (12 references per his claim in his paper).

Achar proejcts the impression that he reached this date 3067 BC, independant of Raghavan. In next part, I will explain how that is impossible and then I will show how these ‘so called’ key references (per Achar) are inconsistent for the very date.. 22 November 3067 BC, the date Achar is trying to justify. That is to say, I will show that even the references he claims lead him to 3067 BC, in fact falsify his proposed date 22 Nov 3067 BC, which of course was earlier proposed by Raghavan….

To be continued….


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