Analysis & Criticism: 3067 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War (Part 2 of 10)

Prof. Achar and his testing of Raghavan’s date of 3067 BC for the year of MBH War – Part-2

While Achar claims to have referred to ‘about dozen’ references to test 3067 BC, in his paper, he refers to ~23 specific astronomy references. So at some point we need to reduce this list down to ~12. I will make such attempt.

Before I get onto downhill slope from which coming upwards will be next to impossible, Let me mentions positive aspects of work of Raghavan and even of unsuccessful attempt by Prof. Achar to justify such date.

(1) Raghavan did his work in 1969, when very few other attempts existed that employed astronomy evidence to propose a date for MBH War. Raghavan was also defending ‘factual nature of MBH’ against utterly ridiculous/illogical attacks by converted Indian Christians such as Mr. Pillai.
I thank Raghavan for his efforts. Someone has to take the first step. While he was not the first, he was among the firsts in last 50 years.

(2) Attempt of Achar to test date of Raghavan, using Planetarium software was worthy effort. He was absolutely justified in attempting this task. On the other hand I can explain only my disappointment at the unscientific way Achar not only claimed to have validated Raghavan’s date, but also continue to push for this year 3067 BC (even today). This is in spite of glaring errors of this work, pointed out by numerous other MBH researchers.

Never forget.. “Dogma’ and ‘uncritical attitude’ is our enemy. We all are prone to such errors and thus more reason to be vigilent all the time. Fortunately the process of science is such that if an individual researcher refuses to analze his own work critically , others will do it for him. I plan to do this for testing of Achar. I also encourage readers to do the same for my own research (When did the Mahabharata War Happen? The Mystery of Arundhati).

(3) Achar (and Raghavan) also selected sensible ‘start’ and ‘stop’ points in determining/investingating/testing timing of MBH War..i.e Beginning with the time when Krishna left from Upaplavya for Hastinapur and ending with day of Bhishma Nirvana that coincided with the day of Winter Solstice.

In my next post, I will quote MBH references mentioned by Prof. Achar.

to be continued……


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