Ramayana, Kaliyuga, Astronomy evidence and more

Someone asked..

Your theory is very interesting, but before going into the details of the book, I wanted to ask you a question. Some researchers have calculated and claimed a date for Ramayana to be around 7200 BCE. Are they wrong? And does your date correlate with Sanatan concept of time (Dwapara, Kali yuga) etc.?

My response:

I am aware of at least 4 dates for Ramayana.. ~ 10000 BCE (3 authors from Tamiland.. I don’t have their names with me), 7200 BCE (is by Dr. P V Vartak. Amazing work!. not just on dating but many other things. I am currently writing (to be published in Oct 2013) book “The Historic Rama”. In it, I will falsify above 2 dates but also that of Late Pushkar Bhatnagar (5114 BCE) and rough period of ~1500 BCE suggested by Mr. Yardi.

BTW, I am dedicating the book to Dr. P V Vartak. I have met him and constantly remain in touch with him. I already told him that my date is different from his and he is eagerly waiting for my work to come out.

Now to answer your second question.. reg. corroboration with concept of Dwarpar and Kaliyuga etc. Well, here is some food for thought. Let me tell you that in Mahabharata text itself, there are at least 5 different theories of what constitutes Dwapara yuga and Kaliyuga and so on. So which one I should try to corroborate with.

I have indeed answered that question, albeit briefly, in my book. under sub heading.. (under chapter 9 – Conflicting observations) ‘Mahabharata and Kaliyuga”.

If you choose to read my book, I feel confident that you will not be disappointed. If you do read, please post your review on Amazon.. brutal and honest.. nothing else, nothing less.

You can also check FB book page by simply typing the title ..”When did the Mahabharata War happen”


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