When did the Mahabharata War Happen?

When did the Mahabharata War Happen?
The Mystery of Arundhati
Nilesh Nilkanth Oak
Is there a Facebook page for this book?
Where to buy?
You can purchase it either from Amazon.com or Createspace.com
(1) Amazon.com
Amazon will add additional info about this book (Summary, Look inside) and other features in the near future.
(2) Createspace.com
You may visit this createspace link to know more about the book.
If you choose to order from Createspace, you may enter ‘the following discount code
This discount code will provide you 30% discount over the list price of the book.
(3) Please consider both options (Amazon and Createspace) to decide the most convenient and low cost option. ‘Free super saver shipping’ option offered by Amazon.com may eliminate your shipping cost. In addition Amazon may offer discounts from the list price of the book. While Createspace will offer 30% discount with the above code (3M8HG9T7), it will charge you for shipping costs.
Is there an Indian edition of this book?
I am working with few publishers in India in order to make this book available in India.
Book Trailer(s) on Youtube


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